A productive, yet frustrating week

I feel pleased with my work this week. Just getting a good day’s work out of today despite having some sort of allergic reaction to the spring pollen (nothing serious, just kind of wiped out) or maybe the vaccine I got at the doctor’s yesterday makes me pleased with my own commitment.

But the one thing I most wanted to get done was finish No One Can Slay Her, and I didn’t. There’s a problem with the third quarter, and things were hectic enough (very needy dogs, annual medical checkup) that I couldn’t clear my mind enough to pinpoint it. And the downside of my “1,000 words of fiction a day” guideline is that the writing can suck up the time I’d otherwise use to plot, replot and think. That’s not a bad thing — it’s easy to spend lots of time thinking and have nothing to show for it — but in this case it was frustrating. Still, I got a lot done, so I shall take pleasure in that.

Part of the reason I didn’t have time was that my new Screen Rant on Nickelodeon’s Victorious took longer than most of them. It’s a kid’s show I’ve never even heard of (hardly surprising at my age) so I had to do a good deal more research than usual to put it together. But now it’s out, and next week’s should be simple. Below one of my photos from the article, showing future singing star Ariana Grande as space cadet Cat.

As to the checkup, everything looks good, though I definitely need to get back to a more consistent exercise schedule. The past month it’s been a little too chaotic and I keep missing. Today I just felt tooo wiped out.

I did complete the proofing of the Atlas Shagged paperback (I discovered a couple of final changes to make) which will be out early next week. Below, the cover reveal!

I worked on one story about a writer working on a raunchy buddy comedy with werewolves (not sure where it’s going yet). And another about a bookstore with a very strange staff, and as of the last scene, St. Luke as the proprietor (I think I know where it’s going. Maybe). And worked on the next draft of Angels Hate This Man. But I really want to finish No One — the more stories I have out, the better, obviously.

I completed edits on The Grass Is Always Greener requested by the editors at Strange Economics, which had accepted it. I submitted a reprint story to Digial Fantasy. And I got some work done on Undead Sexist Cliches.

Like I said, productive. I shall take pride in what I did and not let the frustration gnaw at me.

#SFWApro. All rights to the Victorious photo remain with current holder. Rights to cover are mine; Atlas image is from John Singer Sargent’s Atlas and the Hesperides.

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