New trends in puppy care

More specifically, Plushie-care. He’s been uber-needy the past week, sitting in my lap almost constantly during the work day. I can’t think of anything that would make him feel insecure or crave closer snuggles, so I’m guessing it’s just a phase. After almost four years, I’ve learned dogs go through those.

Plushie’s also also doing something he hasn’t done before: when I sit in the armchair, he’s decided he wants up there too. In the photo below, he got up after Trixie was already there.

This is awesomely cute, but it’s also uncomfortable. Even without Trixie in the chair, it doesn’t fit me and Plush dog, which is why I wind up with my leg swung over the chair arm. My back and leg do not like this position. And with Plush in the chair, it’s nigh impossible to do anything on the computer. But I have a hard time saying no to him (or to Trixie).

So maybe he’s decided he likes the chair and I just happen to be in it. Or maybe he really craves more time in my lap. Who knows? As I’ve mentioned before, the dogs aren’t automatons; they go through moods and phases as much as we do. Cute though it is, I’ll be happy if he moves into a new phase.

As you may have noticed from that photo, we got both him and Trixie trimmed recently. Here’s a better look at our suddenly gazelle-like Trixie.

And here’s Plushie. Looking like he’s maybe a few months old. See why it’s hard to say no?


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