Who watches the watchman?

So when I was at Mysticon last month, I became quite indulgent about spending some of my remaining Christmas money. So I bought a pocket watch.

As you can see, it’s a very nice-looking watch, courtesy of A Steampunked Life.

So while I was at the Mensa gathering last weekend, I decided I’d wear it. Or carry it at least: most of the time it sat snug in my right front jeans pocket. Which posed a couple of minor problems.

I’d thought wearing the watch chain would be a challenge, but it clipped nicely to my belt loop and didn’t dangle as much as I expected. Pocketing the watch was where the problems cropped up. First, I had to rearrange the other stuff I carried in my pockets (phone, wallet, emergency inhaler) so I had the pocket free. Eventually I just gave up and carried the other stuff in the satchel I brought with me.

Second, I had to resist the impulse to put something in the same pocket as the watch. I’m sure that can’t be good, but I kept shoving my phone in by reflex.

I’m also petrified of winding it so hard that I damage it (they told me this was a possibility). As a result I leave it under-wound and it ran down a lot. That will be easy enough to fix with research. The rest will take conditioning myself.

I’m still quite pleased with the purchase. It’s self-indulgent — I have wristwatches, and I don’t need a fancy timepiece — but dang, it’s so pretty.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine, all rights to watch design reside with Steampunked Life.

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