Some indie shorts and a couple of flop pilots

Due to my trip to Virginia last weekend, I didn’t catch any movies but I did sit through a number of shorts at Mysticon.

I love watching shorts at film festivals. They’re off-the-wall and weird and sometimes good. Among those of note:

TWINS was a cliched horror short in which a woman’s husband snatching, backstabbing twin sister turns out to be her own dark side! I saw the twist coming early.

ISOLATION had some beautiful shots of the protagonist dancing, but the plotline of her confronting a cheating husband dind’t work at all.

CLOSING TIME worked despite the Big Reveal (patron drinking at a bar is actually an angel of death picking up the bar owner) being obvious. Nevertheless the interaction of the two guys, both tired of their jobs, was effective.

PERFUNCT was amazingly creepy, as a woman begins to realize that everyone around her is in some fashion an automaton carrying out pre-scripted scenes; the moment where she pours milk over a guest without getting a reaction is really unsettling. This idea has been done before (Fritz Leiber’s You’re All Alone) but it’s a good idea. However it ended at a very unsatisfying point.

As part of my Screen Rant on unsold pilots, I watched a couple.

Michelle Forbes does a fantastic turn in 2005’s GLOBAL FREQUENCY, based on a Warren Ellis comic book. As Miranda Zero, she leads a network of 1,001 agents, specialists in everything from Russian to police work to physics. In this excellent pilot, an ex-cop accidentally gets caught up in Global Frequency’s latest operation, tracking down a mysterious human bomb. Apparently this died because WB management changed at the wrong time; a shame. Available on YouTube if you’re curious. “I save lives. No law, no border, no government will stop me from doing that.”

ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL was a 2001 reboot starring Markie Post as 1970s Saturday morning superhero Electra Woman. When one of her former rescues goes looking for her idol, she discover Electra is now foul-mouthed, cigarette-smoking trailer trash with a drinking problem and a penchant for sleeping around. What she doesn’t have is a partner, Dyna Girl having run off with her mentor’s husband. Needless to say, the rescue becomes the new Dyna Girl and the contrast between her wholesome sunny optimism and Electra’s bad behavior would have provided what was supposed to be humor. “Look, the noble hero is actually an awful person!” is an old trope in fiction, but it’s not well used here; no loss it wasn’t picked up. Though as this too was for the WB, we get to see Flash and Aquaman in cameos. Electra-awesome! I’ve always wanted to say that.”

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