The Florida shooting and other links

A survivor of the shooting suggests we name the AR-15 the Marco Rubio because anyone can buy one.

The NYT airs the views of a pro-gun bullshit artist. And here are some flaws in standard pro-gun arguments. Not to mention veterans scoffing at Trump’s “arm the teachers” argument. And why is it we’re told “liberals who attack guns will alienate gun lovers?” but pro-gun forces are never warned about alienating us?

A right-winger proposes the Florida shooting wouldn’t have happened if kids had been nicer to the shooter. Another conservatives says that the Second Amendment is obviously why there’s never been a time “when people were crushed by the government and marched into camps.” So the Japanese American internment was just fake news then?

Feministing offers examples of civil disobedience. Slacktivist suggests its up to us to act without waiting for a chosen one.

What we can learn about current politics from the election of 1968.

Stonekettle lemonade points out the basic flaw in trickle-down economics: it gives the rich more money, but “rich people being richer does not create jobs.”

Donald Trump’s presidency is the triumph of libertarianism. And also steeped in the Reagan conservative tradition. Neither of these is a good thing.

What is the legal meaning of emojis?

Can we turn presidential norms into binding precedents?

Don’t get flu shots because Jesus!

No, Ivanka, Black History Month is not about “all Americans.”

Treating problems such as drugs or terrorism as national security issues changes the political debate.

Once again we have the argument that being criticized equals being silenced.

Bearing false witness, Slacktivist says, isn’t the same as lying — lying requires intent, false witness doesn’t.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court threw out the Republicans’ gerrymandered maps. So Republicans propose impeaching the judges.

And that’s it. A short one as I’m still recovering from Mysticon fun (which I’ll post about tomorrow)



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