Hypocrites and Pharisees, i.e., Republicans

As I’ve mentioned before, pointing out Republicans don’t live up to their own supposed standards sometimes comes off as if that’s the problem with Republican policies. It isn’t. Even if they walked the walk, their policies on abortion, birth control, taxes, etc. would be horrible — their personal virtue or lack of same doesn’t affect that.

But that said, as they are so quick to crow and puff themselves up about having the moral high ground, it can’t help to point out that the congressmen (and President Shit-Gibbon) have no clothes — for example, they’re perfectly fine (as they were throughout the W years) with warrantless spying on Americans, just not on themselves. And they’re perfectly fine overriding states’ rights if it’s in their interest [update: Alito ruled against the appeal, so I apologize for thinking the worst of him]. Or if it will ban abortion. Or Jonah Goldberg arguing that liberals are the real white nationalists so how can they criticize Trump (I have actually had a Republican friend cite Woodrow Wilson’s unquestionably racist views as if that really proved 21st century liberals are the real racists). And for that matter libertarians talk a lot about freedom but some prominent ones are fine with rallying behind Trump. Why wouldn’t they?

Then we have Trump’s promises to “drain the swamp” in DC of corruption. Yet we end up with a CDC head who buys stock in tobacco and pharmaceutical firms — no way that could be an issue, right?

And for all they talk about freedom and their love for the bill of rights, conservative pundits is always happy to demand government treat Trump critics and “disloyal” government officials as traitors. Though there’s nothing new in this, they were making the exact same arguments while W was president. And they’re also hoping to go back to the spoils system where federal workers can be fired and hired based on political loyalty. Again not new — the Iraq occupation was much more interested in recruiting conservatives than anyone with relevant qualifications.

Then we have the Religious Right. Supposed moral voice Tony Perkins insists it’s perfectly reasonable not to hold Trump to moral standards such as “thou shalt not commit adultery.” Which makes perfect sense as a political tactic, but it also says Perkins and all the other religious rightwingers rallying to Trump aren’t actually moral voices unless morality translates into ” oppress gay people” or “oppress women.” Similarly, you can’t pretend your concern is “moral decline,” and then defend Trump. No, they support Trump as a political move that gives Christians more power in government, even though they pretend they don’t want a Christian state. Just as some white nationalists don’t want to admit they are.

But it’s not just religion: NRA sock-puppet Dana Loesch has gone from condemning people who trash Trump opponents (back when Loesch was in Ted Cruz’s camp) to trashing Trump opponents. This is, of course, pretty common. David Brooks enthusiastically supported the Iraq war, then wrote a column about how our leaders totally misread the situation, and didn’t mention his own misjudgments. Syndicated columnist Ron Hart gushed about how utterly, utterly awesome Sarah Palin was, then as soon as she lost only referenced her as an obvious incompetent. I don’t recall him ever explaining the switch, other than political convenience.

And we’re still stuck with a media where many reporters and pundits struggle to make it look like both parties are equally insane. Which is not really hypocrisy, but it’s definitely false. And by trying to treat Republicans as if they were anything other than a white supremacist/1 percent-supremacist party, ignores how rotten they are.

And to end with something that’s not hypocritical at all, but is extremely stupid, we have a religious conservative recommending we not get flu shots — Jesus is our flu shot! Given my health issues, needless to say I disagree.


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