Came down Wednesday, easily six inches or more. Barely melted at all since then — our yard doesn’t get a lot of sun. This is definitely the most snow since we bought our home back in 2012.

As you can see, Plushie’s belly deep when he goes out in it.

And here are a few more shots from our street and yard

Fortunately this weekend’s temperatures should melt everything away — otherwise we might have to risk driving on snow just to get some food. And despite some flickering Wednesday, we didn’t lose power. And I had the sense to buy a snow shovel after last year’s snowfall. But I did feel bad when the birds emptied the bird feeder. I’d have bought some seed last weekend, but I didn’t anticipate as much snow as we got, and I had to watch hungry birds showing up and finding nothing. Guilt!

Photos are mine, please credit me if you use them. #SFWApro

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