Writing related links (#SFWApro)

Kristyn Kathryn Rusch reminds us of the importance of reading contracts before signing. And never assuming the other person will handwave away awkward clauses. She also mentions something I hadn’t heard of before, media companies taking an option on your work, then trying to fudge your copyright (file one of their own, claim that theirs is the real one, etc.). Alarming.

Foz Meadows on the argument that realism and diversity are separate things.

Why do so few films take place in WW I?

No, e-book piracy isn’t harmless. And it’s not about being priced too high — I’ve seen Philosophy and Fairytales pirated, and it’s like $1.99.

A theater student wonders why there aren’t more conservative playwrights. I suspect it’s that fewer conservatives really see playwriting as a viable profession (it’s not a Serious Field like law or working for Wall Street) and possibly like David French they see culture as hostile to conservatives.

Metricula (one of the organizers of Illogicon) sings about the woman in refrigerators trope.

Adam-Troy Castro points out that not all specfic has to have a logical premise. John Scalzi likewise questions why people can’t believe in the Flying Snowman. NK Jemisin suggests writers not worry about magic systems — magic doesn’t have to make sense.

Adam Harkus looks at the impact of the Internet on the music industry, with some thoughts I hadn’t run into before.

Things to think about when writing fight scenes.


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