My blogging year (#SFWApro)

Everyone else does a review of their year in blogging, so why not?

First, I’m pleased to see that my readership is growing, both visitors and page views, year to year. That’s always encouraging. Is it because I keep posting cute puppy photos? Who needs cat GIFs?

My top page/post for 2017, as usual, was the Hellboy Chronology. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it useful. I’ve been a little behind on adding to it, but I’ll be catching up this year.

Second, straight visits to my blog, no particular post.

Third is the link post entitled Links. I’ve no idea why, but like the Chronology, that’s been the case for years.

Next, another linkpost, “Please Insert Metaphor For Really, Really Busy” I think that’s just a fluke because I’ve seen “metaphor for busy” as one of the regular search terms bringing visitors. Likewise I suspect “When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield” draws a lot of people looking for that lyric (from the 1960s Cap cartoon).

Next, the “About Me” page and the page for my Philosphy and Fairytales short-story collection.

Next there’s the post Books, which puzzled me until I saw it included a review of Bobb Cotter’s book on Doc Savage. I’ve linked to that a lot as I read my way through the series.

Then comes my timeline for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. That pleases me as I wasn’t sure anyone was reading it. Then of all things, my Undead Sexist Cliches response to Milo Yiannopoulos’ sexbots article.

And at number 11, my reread of Steve Trevor’s second death in Wonder Woman.

Nothing that makes me go “Holy cow, it all makes sense!” but still interesting (to me, anyway).

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