Quotes on the first year of Trump (and a few links to boot)

Lance Mannion: “Four of the last six Republican presidents either ran their administrations as criminal enterprises or harbored and nurtured criminal enterprises within them. Nixon, Reagan, George W. Bush, and now Donald Trump.”

Timothy Burke: “If America needs to be great again, it first needs to stop letting the people who love that slogan have their own way.

Slacktivist on Christianity as going beyond the zero-sum game: “that’s not how Pentecost works. It’s not a zero-sum game. It’s not musical chairs Everybody means everybody. And “everybody else” doesn’t mean anything because there is no “else.”

Adam Serwer: ” What I found was that Trump embodied his supporters’ most profound beliefs—combining an insistence that discriminatory policies were necessary with vehement denials that his policies would discriminate and absolute outrage that the question would even be asked.”

The Anti-Defamation League looks at right-wing terrorism:  “This lengthy string of dangerous attacks and plots illustrates how deeply seated the threat of right-wing terrorism is in the United States. ”

No More Mr. Nice Blog: “There is a [moral] high ground — but voters need to be reminded again and again that Republicans individually and collectively occupy the lowest possible ground.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza: “[Trump’s] operating principle in life can be boiled down to “I’ll show you. I’ll show you all!” And so his Tweet-feuding with the father of someone he helped out becomes normal presidential conduct.

Lauren Duca: “Perhaps the one optimistic take on this godforsaken year is that we’ve begun to recall that the American project is not a historical accomplishment to be celebrated but instead an ongoing process of figuring out how we ought to live together … We’re all too angry, but nothing will change if we don’t find a way to convert that energy into action. The future of democracy depends on it.”

Police in Georgia felt up several hundred high school students searching for drugs. And didn’t find any. And had no warrant or other authority to conduct the search.

Oregon is supposed to be a model for oversight of police — but it’s a bad model.

Something Ronald Reagan doesn’t get credit for often enough: gutting school lunch programs.

Right-Wing Watch: “There was no way that Trump could keep his promises to the Religious Right—which delivered an overwhelming majority of white evangelical voters to Trump—without sacrificing the rights and well-being of LGBTQ Americans.”

No More Mr. Nice Blog on one piece of both-sides-are-at-fault reporting: “Yes, there’s the message: The loophole survived because it has backing from Democrats as well as Republicans, even though no Democrats had input into the writing of the bill.”

Blue states generate the revenue that generates the federal aid that helps prop up red states. A conservative struggles to demonstrate it’s the other way around.

Senate Republicans can accept a trillion-dollar deficit caused by giving themselves a tax cut, they can’t accept $75 billion for sick children.

So under a Trump department of labor proposal, restaurants could collect wait-staff tip money — and just keep it.

Roy Edroso on how the right-wing’s Never Trump side keeps forgetting the never part.


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