And sexism for Thursday, because one day a week isn’t enough (unfortunately)

The Catholic forced-birth nonprofit Human Life International supports El Salvador’s complete ban on abortions. Which includes jail time for women who abort no matter what the circumstances, even with a nonviable baby and the mother’s life at stake. But remember, forced birthers really, really don’t want to punish the mother!

Speaking of which, I’ve written before about the kind of nonsystemic prosecutions and judicial decisions that punish the mother. I think it’s an example of the spontaneous order this libertarian feminist post talks about (which is not to say the author would agree with me). The post discusses how repeated rapes, threats and acts of harassment, even though they’re not organized by the Sexism Central Committee, can add up so that rape culture spontaneously forms. Likewise, I think, all the countless little forced-birth decisions (like Texas banning insurers from covering abortion costs) create a kind of spontaneous order of forced-birth culture.

A men’s rights activist argues that as women weren’t allowed to serve in combat until recently, the military were discriminating against men by getting them killed or maimed. So the solution is to draft women and no men until there are as many dead and injured women as the male dead of the past. An “involuntary celibate” says women who stay in abusive relationships should be prosecuted as they’re helping the abuser.

A Harvard Business School articles argues that if you believe men are superior to women it’s totally not sexist to discriminate in hiring! At the link, Shakezula cries bullshit.

Slacktivist reminds us that fundamentalists had no problem with Roe v. Wade until the 1980s, so they didn’t always think Abortion Is Obviously Murder.

It doesn’t matter whether its Weinstein harassing women or Milo Yiannopoulis talking about sex with fourteen year olds, it’s liberals who are at fault. Of course as Lance Mannion points out, to conservatives liberals are always at fault. Case in point, Bret Stephens of the NYT explaining Weinstein getting away with it can all be blamed on Hollywood! liberals! (or women!) rather than Power and Money! Oh, and Yiannopoulis is already on the way back to the right wing’s good graces (“he and I are on the same page here, in this excerpt from an interview with America magazine, which he says they refused to print”).

Or of course, we can blame taking prayer out of schools (note: kids can pray in schools, schools just can’t organize prayers) for Weinstein. Or turn assault into a comic punchline.

John Scalzi and Mark Evanier look at how it’s possible not to know about predators like Weinstein (which Scalzi notes is not saying “nobody who wasn’t harassed didn’t know.”). The NYT looks at business people who take the Pence option: don’t meet with women alone rather than “don’t sexually harass women.” Echidne looks at how that and other “solutions” put the burden on the women. One suggestion for a better approach? Imagine the woman who wants to meet with you was Dwayne Johnson.

Sexist but funny in a black-humored way: white supremacists are torn between the need to recruit white women and the desire to subjugate them (” ‘it is a woman’s responsibility to prove she is worthy of the privilege’ of submitting to a man and bearing his children”).

For something with some sense, Drew Magary writes on Deadspin about being a jerk (to women and others) and believing he was 100 percent justified: “Anyone who gets offended is overly sensitive. PC. Hysterical. Weak. They’re just pretending to be offended to get attention. White guys simply can’t imagine anyone getting truly upset over words, mainly because there are no such words that can traumatize them similarly.” Only now he’s learned better, and it sounds like he really has. Hat tip LGM. Magary’s post ties in a lot with what I wrote about the jerk/free spirit dichotomy.

And for more good news, here’s a profile of the judge who helped one illegal immigrant get an abortion despite the Trump administration’s opposition.

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