Let’s heil, heil Donald, right in the Donald’s face! (#SFWApro)

I’ve seen some people arguing online that mocking white supremacists and neo-Nazis is a bad idea because it makes them look like clowns, instead of villains. And because making fun won’t defeat them. In response to A, I don’t think so. In response to B, that’s setting the bar high — might as well say Democrats shouldn’t have run against Trump because that didn’t stop him getting elected.

So here’s one verse for a modern take on Spike Jones’ classic WW II song, Der Fuehrer’s Face:

“When the Donald tells us, he is the master race,
Let’s heil, heil, right in the Donald’s face!
Not to love the Donald is a great disgrace
So let’s heil, heil, right in the Donald’s face!”

It ain’t great art but it does brighten my day a little.

On a less cheery note, let’s look at October in white supremacy:

Three white supremacists are charged with attempted murder during a Richard Spencer speech (shooting at the other side, of course). Vox lists some of the other white supremacist attacks.

Michael Christopher Estes has been charged with planting a bomb at a North Carolina airport to fight a war on American soil. Unsurprisingly as he’s not a Muslim, the case hasn’t grabbed a lot of attention. Likewise I suspect we’d hear more about Daniel Wenzek, who drove into a crowd of anti-immigration protesters if he’d been black and they’d been white supremacists and  we’d probably have charges filed faster.

White Supremacist Matthew Heimbach thinks that deporting nonwhites from America is like getting rid of house guests who stay too long: “I’m gonna have to get you out of my home, one way or the other, because this isn’t your home. You have a home to live in. All peoples have a right to their own nation. But they don’t have a right to take a nation from another people. So the idea of deportations, what’s wrong with that?” Like every other believer in the white homeland bullshit, he is not proposing WASP Americans go home and leave this country to the Native Americans or the Hispanics, who were all here before the rest of us.

Slacktivist looks at how “respectable” white evangelicals have done nothing to oppose white evangelism’s embrace of Trump and his agenda. Ditto with a depressing number of right-wing pundits who don’t want to be labeled as white supremacists but nevertheless enable them. Or Megan McArdle who complaints liberals are throwing around “white supremacist” as a charge is why Trump won, because reasonable right-wingers have heard so many people accused of being racist they didn’t take the charges seriously (that a lot of McArdle’s conservative readers might have considered it a plus she does not acknowledge).

However I will take her warning to heart and note that Gen. John Kelly reciting neo-confederate talking points doesn’t make him a white supremacist, but it does make him wrong. And that denying the Civil War was about slavery has been a right-wing talking point for decades (it was all about state’s rights, no, of course those southerners weren’t racist, they were very fine people). So Kelly (who is certainly a hardboiled political player) is giving aid and comfort to those for whom the Confederate States of America was a glorious dream they wish had succeeded.

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