Sexism for Monday morning

Even though abortion is supposedly the worst thing since the Holocaust, the Republican Party still finds contraception just as bad. Much better to ban it as early as possible, then go back to the days of slut-shaming and shotgun marriages because that’s how you take care of women properly! Salon has more.

Pastor Carl Gallups, a Trump bootlicker — er, booster — insists that in saying women dressing sexy is morally the equivalent of sexual assault (because it arouses men uncontrollably and that’s assault, right?) he’s totally not blaming them for rape. That’s such a standard rape-apologist claim I’m skeptical — though I admit his ouvre does include lots of outrage of rape-minded Muslims (this is something of an obsession in some parts of the right. A now-blocked acquaintance on FB would invariably respond to any post I made regarding Rape Is Bad by screaming about how if the woman wasn’t raped by a Muslim she had nothing to complain about). And even if he sincerely does condemn rape by non-Muslims, he’s still full of shit — being aroused simply isn’t assault. Not even if the woman knows as an objective fact that the way she’s dressed will turn men on.

A writer suggests rather than declaring “toxic masculinity” is the problem with Harvey Weinstein, Trump and Bill Cosby we should call them sociopathic baby-men. Yes Means Yes reminds us it’s not that they don’t understand “no” it’s that they ignore it.

But all the right’s eagerness to hold up Harvey Weinstein as proof the sociopaths are all on the left, they’re fine with defending Bill O’Reilly. Reilly himself still insists (spoilers!) he’s the real victim. Megyn Kelly is not impressed.

Speaking of Weinstein, Brit Marling writes about the role of money and power that let men like Weinstein pressure women into giving something that vaguely resembles consent: “Because consent is a function of power. You have to have a modicum of power to give it. In many cases women do not have that power because their livelihood is in jeopardy and because they are the gender that is oppressed by a daily, invisible war waged against all that is feminine—women and humans who behave or dress or think or feel or look feminine.”

A Dennis Prager post from a few years ago, reminding us that the guy who defends objectifying women also thinks if men have to go to work when they don’t want to, women have to put out for their husbands when they don’t want to.

More sociopathic baby men: Mark Halperin (who refers to himself “pursuing relationships” to explain charges he rubbed his dick on coworkers).

Time magazine freaks out over a study that finds young men (albeit a small sample size) actually bond more with their buddies than their girlfriends. OMG, will this endanger traditional marriage? As Shakezula points out, this ain’t news (“Yes, that too is definitely a new phenomenon and not – for example – the basis of a gag so old that Fred Flintstone once stubbed his toe on it when he was sneaking out of the house to go bowling with Barney.”). And it occurs to me that they’re talking about girlfriends, not spouses, which might make a difference — the guy who spends all his time with his buddies until he meets The One isn’t a new concept either.

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