Movies: Royalty, soldiers and zombies (#SFWApro)

THE HOLLOW CROWN: Henry IV Part One (2013) follows Richard II and stars Tom Hiddleston (all rights to image remain with current holders) as the seemingly roguish Prince Hal who miraculously straightens up and flies right when Hotspur (probably the most intense Percy I’ve seen) joins forces with Owen Glendower to overthrow Jeremy Irons’ Henry IV. As my mind tends to wander during the low comic scenes of this show, that it held my attention is a mark in its favor; shows Hal as more genuinely fond of Falstaff than some takes. “Thou knowest in the age of innocence Adam fell — what can poor Jack Falstaff do in the days of villainy?”

BRAVE (2012) is the Scots Disney Princess movie in which the redheaded archer Merrida learns she really should have phrased her wish to witch Julie Walters better (“Mum—you’re a bear!”); as she didn’t, she’s forced to defend mom from the local nobles and a real Bear of Doom (a memorable monster indeed) until she can find a cure. Way too stock for the first half-hour but picks up after that; with Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson as Merrida’s parents, plus Robbie Coltrane and John Ratzenberger in the mix. “A witch turned mum into a bear — it wasn’t my fault!”

STRIPES (1981) is one of the top-grossing comedies about basic training (there have been many), with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis as the slackers who sign up for the Army on a lark. What follows is their locking horns with drill sergeant Warren Oates, falling for MPs Sean Young and PJ Soles (easily the most competent soldiers in the film) and eventually saving their platoon (including John Larroquette and Judge Reinhold) from imprisonment inside the iron curtain. Great fun, and while the action sequence of the end doesn’t quite fit the basic training stuff, it’s funny enough to be forgiven. “I got my ass kicked in Wisconsin once.”

CEMETERY MAN (1994) is an oddball Italian horror/art film starring Rupert Everett as the cemetery manager forced to kill zombies rising from their graves with the help of his Brute Man sidekick, then eventually deciding to shoot living people in the head as a preventative measure (also from frustration at repeatedly losing his Great Love). A mess, but an interesting mess; I Bury the Living would be the obvious double-bill. “You’re supposed to set a good example — now come down and go back to your grave.”

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