A stalker, forgers and another projectionist: movies viewed (#SFWApro)

INGRID GOES WEST (2017) because she’s a lonely Instagram addict (Aubrey Plaza) who’s become fixated on Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen), a female social-media influencer and goes to great lengths to insinuate herself into Taylor’s life. The result is about one rewrite away from a thriller about a psycho stalker, but instead it’s a black comedy that TYG and I enjoyed despite some familiar tropes. “I need you to be Batman.”

F IS FOR FAKE (1973) is Orson Welles’ rumination on forgery, focusing on Elmyr de Hory, an art forger profiled by writer Clifford Irving, and Irving’s own fakery writing a supposedly authorized biography of Howard Hughes based on the billionaire’s diaries (he never even met Hughes). The film has all the visual style I expect from Welles, but it’s more style than substance, getting very pretentious in Welles’ ruminations. Entertaining even so. “To make an omelet, first steal an egg.”

In the wake of last week’s movies, I rewatched CINEMA PARADISO (1988) is a wonderful Italian film about a boy whose lifelong love of movies leads to him first sneaking into his local small town theater, then eventually landing a job as a projectionist (hence my decision to rewatch this) and later going on to direct them (something the expanded cut of this film deals with). A very moving love letter to cinema, with some great moments I won’t spoil. All rights to image remain with curren tholder. “By god — they’re kissing!”


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