Rush Limbaugh, turd in human form

I suppose I should have some respect for Rush Limbaugh, that blackhead on the face of our species. Lots of conservatives are explaining how Hurricane Harvey shows the greatness of those independent Texas conservatives, the vileness of liberals or how the storm proves men must be the boss. Limbaugh takes it up a notch by explaining that advance warnings about hurricanes and attempts to track them are just liberal propaganda.

How so? Limbaugh lays it out for you:

  • Hurricane warnings make us scared.
  • Fear makes us more susceptible to bullshit claims about global warming.
  • Fear makes us rush out and buy supplies. So it’s actually a conspiracy between liberals and stores like Home Depot to sell crap!
  • The media always predict the storm could hit a major population center! Obviously that’s just to scare us more!

Tell you what Mr. Limbaugh, why not just walk out when the storm comes and stand there. Show us how to face a storm without fear. I triple-dog dare you.

I will agree that the buying panic can get intense pre-hurricane, particularly when it comes to keeping the gas tank filled. But that’s not so irrational. I’ve lived in areas after a hurricane and it’s crazy. No gas. No food in stores. And not because everyone bought it all up in a panic (though that can contribute).

As for major population centers, well that could have something to do that America keeps building up its coastlines. More people keep moving there. More people live there. Cities like Miami sprawl out. It’s a lot harder than a century ago to hit the U.S. and not hit a major population center.

I’d like to say Limbaugh’s stupid, but I don’t think so. He’s what Harry Frankfort calls a bullshit artist: he’ll say whatever gets him results, regardless of truth or falsity (if reality was on his right-wing side, he’d happily stick to the truth). This presentation pushes the worldview he’s been pushing his entire career. You can’t trust government. You can’t trust the media (except him). Everything is a vast conspiracy directed against real Americans. As David Neiwert has pointed out, it’s fascist themes (the Zionist Occupied Government is conspiring against you!) scrubbed for mass consumption.

And I’m sure the implications that Republicans cutting the budget for FEMA and for hurricane tracking is no big deal, and that global warming is a myth, are bonuses.



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2 responses to “Rush Limbaugh, turd in human form

  1. Zosimus the Heathen

    Ugh. While I’m thankfully spared the endless blatherings and bloviations of Rush Limbaugh (living as I do in Australia), we’ve no shortage of equivalents here, one of the most notorious being some idiot called Andrew Bolt, who inexplicably gets a page to spout his bullshit several days a week in my local rag (which, incidentally, is one of the many reasons I don’t bother much with the last thing any more). Like Limbaugh, he thinks global warming is all some big, evil Marxist hoax, and he probably shares many of Limbaugh’s other unhinged opinions too. I’d actually have a bit more time for him if his climate change denialism was motivated by a well-intentioned (if misguided) desire to reassure people, and stop them from getting scared; as it is, though, he’s more than happy to whip up fear and hysteria about a whole host of other (usually nonsensical) things. (The typical Australian shock jock’s shtick right now could probably best be summed up as “ZOMG! ISIS are recruiting a sleeper army from among the ranks of Australia’s ice*-smoking dole bludgers**!”)

    Re your suggestion that Rush Limbaugh should walk out into the hurricane when it comes (and no doubt you’ve heard that instead of doing that, he did his best Brave Sir Robin impression by slithering off to a safer location), funnily enough we had a politician here do something like that decades ago when some self-proclaimed “psychic” claimed a tsunami would hit my home city on a particular date. To show everyone here just how full of it he thought the aforementioned “clairvoyant” was, said politician walked to the end of one of the local piers on the day of the predicted cataclysm, to await the doom that would surely befall us all. Needless to say, the tidal wave didn’t come, and I’d imagine his little stunt did good things for his approval ratings! Still, I suppose it’s a bit different when the warning of impending disaster comes from some idiot claiming psychic powers, rather than actual meteorologists!

    *Australian slang term for meth, which is becoming a big thing here.

    **Australian slang term for “welfare queen” (and something that’s sadly becoming just as much of a myth as the other thing, given the derisory levels of assistance our welfare system currently provides to those who need it).

  2. Yes, I’d heard Limbaugh explain he had to leave because Security Reasons.
    The sample shock jock rant sounds depressingly familiar — while Obama was in office we had a string of “Obama Is Arranging Race Riots! Obama Turns Street Gangs Into His Private Secret Police!” stories.

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