Kids, don’t let this happen to you! (#SFWApro)

So last Sunday morning, I went out bicycling. And I got lost.

Rather than go up the American Tobacco Trail, I’d taken a ride through our neighborhood and beyond; the streets are broad, with lots of sidewalks, so it’s safe. Up Tall Oaks to Cook. Up Cook to Juliette. Then near the end of Juliette, a left turn onto some street whose name I don’t recall (this becomes important later). It looked like it would curve around back to Juliette, but instead it wound a loooong way, and eventually came out on South Roxboro. I started up the street, looking for a particular point on the street I’m familiar with, decided this was not the best option, headed back. Turned up the same street I’d come out of, or so I thought … but instead of coming out on Juliette, it dead-ended.

So back to Roxboro, down a little further, ah, intersection with Juliette! Turn, then turn onto Cook … but it wasn’t the same section of Cook (I’ve made that mistake driving by car, too). Instead of a suburban street with sidewalks it was a country road with unkempt grass and no sidewalks. Turn around, keep going up Cook the other direction and presto, I’m out on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Fortunately I know from my car trip up Cook that a)Cook on the other side of the street will not get me home; b)turning left and going past the Zaxby’s will not get me home. So I headed right … then stopped, decided to play it safe and whipped out the iPhone. I was aimed in the right direction, but it was a hike. A hilly hike.

The hills were a big challenge. Normally the length I was riding wouldn’t be a big challenge, but combined with the hills it got extremely exhausting. Made me wish I’d brought water, especially as the morning heated up.

But I reached Fayetteville and crossed it to get the Tobacco Trail (so named, in case you’re wondering, because it’s a former railroad route used by the local tobacco farmers). Suddenly I was in cooling shade, with a straight, familiar path home.

Still it’s really startling how easy it was to get lost. It happened sometimes in FWB, but it’s a small town and it never took long before I found a road I knew. Here? Bigger and I know fewer roads. I will be careful next time. And I’m going to check the map and figure out what the layout of Cook is.

Now, on a lighter note here’s a shot of our bird feeder. Unlike its tragically doomed predecessor, this one has a steal cage the squirrels can’t gnaw through, and shuts off the food gates if anything squirrel weight lands on it. And it really works! Hanging near our window as it is, it’s easy for me to stop and watch the birds while I have tea or a snack.

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