Feed the birds, tuppence a bag (#SFWApro)

(Title borrowed from Mary Poppins of course)

We’ve had a bird feeder in our back yard for several years. Squirrels appreciate it. Despite various anti-squirrel efforts, they typically clean the feeder out in a day. Using seed they don’t like helped … but then I discovered a squirrel had apparently broken the plastic shell of the bird feeder to get more food. So we replaced it.

They broke it faster.

That was what we found after less than a week. So last weekend we went out to find a replacement. We hit a local wild bird store and found one that looked promising: metal mesh around the plastic, and a sliding weight system so that if a squirrel climbs on board, the frame shifts and shuts off the food.

As soon as we brought it home and took it out back, it was obvious our regular pole wouldn’t work. It would be too easy for the squirrels to hang from the pole stuffing their faces without putting any weight on the frame. I hung it just outside our breakfast nook window (we don’t actually eat breakfast there, but it’s a conceptual breakfast nook). I wasn’t sure if the house wall would be too close for our purposes, but so far it’s working great. I haven’t actually seen Mr. Squirrel try to get in and fail, but the bird seed sure isn’t going down like it usually does.

Probably because it’s close to the house I don’t see quite as many birds. If they see us move inside the house, they flit away. I suspect the dogs’ growling may scare them off too. But they are visiting.

I find this very cool.

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