And yet liberals are supposedly the easily offended ones …

So Jennifer Lawrence poses on the cover of Vogue by the Statue of Liberty (all rights . And one of Breitbart’s editors freaks out because us liberals use the Statue of Liberty as a pro-immigration symbol so clearly this is a direct attack on our beloved Shit-Gibbon president! And maybe Breitbart will start its own fashion section to give readers fashion without liberal propaganda. Because as we know, liberals revere an industry that equates women’s worth with their attaining unrealistic standards of beauty. As TYG says, what would right-wing fashion be — burkhas or seminudity?

In other news:

•I don’t have anything to say about the white supremacist terror attacks in Charlottesville, but I do want to highlight the indignant reactions by some conservatives to the suggestion that a rally for neo-confederates, white supremacists and anti-semites might have a racist aspect. Or outrage at suggestions there’s something objectionable in Trump carefully not blaming white supremacists for the three deaths. Don’t we see the real victim is President Trump! Don’t we know white supremacists are not the problem? As No More Mr. Nice Blog says, Trump’s support would be more likely to drop if he condemned racism.

I will give credit to Ted Cruz (not something I say much) for labeling the deaths as domestic terrorism. And credit to this pastor too.

•Paul Ryan and Scott Walker hate government spending, but not if they can channel it into corporate welfare. And I suspect Eschaton is correct to think that states will find the money to support the self-driving car industry even if they can’t afford any other infrastructure changes.

•Trump wants tax reform, Obamacare repeal and infrastructure bills passed, he just doesn’t want to work on them himself.

•Maybe Mark Twain wasn’t cynical enough? At the link, Slacktivist ponders whether Twain’s biting War Prayer story wouldn’t fit just fine with right-wing bloodlust. I’m sure TV bloviator Joe Scarborough would be fine with death and destruction as long as it didn’t inconvenience him.

•Trump voters blame the media for not reporting all the good news from the White House. Nobody at the link got specific, perhaps because the things Trump has accomplished (make life hell for immigrants, put an anti-gay judge on the Supreme Court) aren’t things they want to admit make them happy. Or perhaps they’re talking about Trump’s support of transgender people. According to our repellently rancid leader, his ban of transpeople in the military was for their own good.

•Taylor Swift says that in 2013, DJ Robert Mueller felt her up. He lost his job, so now he’s suing her for $3 million. She’s countersuing for $1. Huffington Post wonders why more feminists aren’t rallying to support her. For what it’s worth, good for you Ms. Swift!

•I was going to write about this regurgitated David Brooks “it’s the values of the poor that keep them poor” column, but why waste time when Above the Law guts it just as well? In addition to racism (countries run by white Europeans are superior!) unsurprisingly columnist Amy Wax in her praise of marriage exempts gay marriage, which she says is bad.


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