Spider-Man in danger, John Candy in love: movies (#SFWApro)

I thoroughly enjoyed SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming (2017) in which Peter Parker (Tom Holland) tries to adjust to normal life after adventuring with the Avengers in Civil War: helping out around the neighborhood, crushing on Liz Allen, sharing his secret with his nerd buddy Ned Leeds (for whatever reason everyone in the core high school cast is a nerd — even Flash Thompson is a nerd, though a jerk), waiting to be called back in to the team. But then he discovers agents for the Vulture (Michael Keaton) selling scavenged ET weaponry around Brooklyn, and he just can’t let that pass … Very fun, despite several flaws, such as his high-tech costume (quite aside from feeling very un-Spider-Man, is it really a good idea to give a fifteen-year-old a battlesuit with a kill mode?). With a cast including Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Zendaya as Peter’s buddy Michelle, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and a couple of guest appearances. “You screwed the pooch but then you found it a good home, adopted the half-breed puppies — okay, I killed the metaphor didn’t I?”

ONLY THE LONELY (1991) was my much delayed double-bill to the Lonely People in Love Film Jack Goes Boating. John Candy plays a cop who falls for introvert mortician Ally Sheedy only to discover everyone from partner Jim Belushi to overbearing momma Maureen O’Sullivan thinks he’s making a terrible, terrible mistake (“Better to burn in hell than shake hands with a Sicilian!”). I found this charming and well-performed when I first saw it, and I still do — but at the same time it feels a lot darker due to Candy’s efforts to make sure his mom, though far from bedridden, is taken care of without him, something that has more resonance for me than it did then (I’d suggest I Never Sang For My Father as a different double bill, as it has the same dilemma). Indeed Sheedy’s insistence Candy not fuss over his mom so much comes off kind of insensitive now. With Antony Quinn as O’Sullivan’s possible love interest. All rights to image remain with current holder. “I’m sorry, that was funny but it was the wrong story for a first date.”

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