Wheeee, cleaning! (#SFWApro)

So now that the pups’ canine-flu vaccinations have kicked in, we took them back to Suite Paws yesterday for the first time since May. I had eight hours to be a solo act, huzzah!

And yes, I did spend some solo time at the Mensa gathering, but not that much — I was just having too much fun being sociable. If anything, I came home slightly overloaded on connecting with people. And it feels very different being alone at home.

So what did I do with my time? As you can guess from the post title, I cleaned.

I simply couldn’t do much during June because I’d have wound up with dogs sniffing around me as I used cleaning chemicals, or barking because I wasn’t on the couch with them where I’m supposed to be. And like so many dogs, they hate vacuuming when they’re in the room.

So I scrubbed the kitchen counters. Rearranged one cabinet. Cleaned the fridge (which is demanding enough I remember why I don’t do it often). Set up a bookshelf to hold all my receipts for the HSA, home repairs, writing, etc. (a good decision, it’s much better organized than the plastic crate I was using). Plus various other odds and ends. And vacuuming. And some paperwork, including more letters to our state senators.

The end result? I feel pleased with my work, but not as refreshed by my solo day as I usually do. Partly because I couldn’t bicycle (as they used to say in Silver Age comics, it’s hot as blazes out there), partly because I need more decompression — that month of no days off took a lot out of me. But I’ll get there.

For illustration, here’s Trixie, dozing on my leg. Yes, I’m that hairy.


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3 responses to “Wheeee, cleaning! (#SFWApro)

  1. Cleaning the fridge? Kudos to you. Tim is great at doing more than his fair share of housework–he actually loves to clean. But, the fridge is always my domain and I usually do a super clean around the Winter Solstice and smaller cleans during the year. There is nothing like conducting a big clean to get one set up for a days of writing.

    • I’m usually the one who cleans as TYG has no time. When we have people over, her Southern hospitality gene kicks in and everything gets spotless.
      I prefer small regular cleans to big ones, but sometimes the big cleaning is needful.

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