Mensa annual gathering 2017: maybe not hotter than hell but certainly more humid (#SFWApro)

As soon as I stepped out of the Ft. Lauderdale airport on July 2, I remembered what Florida humidity was like. What Durham thinks is humidity ain’t even close. The moistness of the air, coupled with the heat, is not pleasant, though it’s certainly familiar.

This year’s Mensa national gathering was in Hollywood, on the Atlantic coast. Due to TYG having a work conflict, she had to drop out so I went alone. Which was sub-optimal, but I was very glad to get a break from June’s 24/7 dog parenting.

Surprisingly it was only a two-hour, no-stop flight. I haven’t had a flight without a stop in years. The hotel (atrium above) was the Diplomat. Pretty to look at, and with a beach right behind it.

I couldn’t take prolonged time in the heat, but I made frequent stops outside the first couple of days. After the AG started — we’d booked for a couple of days early so we’d have time to goof off by ourselves — I wound up going out to the beach and digging my toes in the sand for a half-hour before breakfast, staring out at the waves.

On the downside, this hotel offered the priciest food I’ve seen in a while. Breakfast buffet was $30 a person, and a cheese sandwich and banana for lunch cost me $10 (and it wasn’t a memorable cheese sandwich). I was happy when the Mensa hospitality room opened so I could eat free. However after the AG started we did get 20 percent off hotel meals, plus I got a $5 voucher a day for not having housecleaning do my room.

I did take a walk down to Panera Bread Tuesday and Wednesday (crossing over the bridge you see here) to get a good (and affordable) breakfast. Regrettably it was too hot to do that during the day — though of course I could have used Lyft. A couple of friends were there Monday and we used Uber to get to a very nice little pizza place.

I found this on the beach. My writers friend Samantha Collins says it’s a drift seed (one carried by the current across the oceans) so it could be just about any plant from anywhere.

I had a neat view of the skyline from my room, both by day (above), and by night (below)

I had a great time but my midweek I was missing TYG something fierce. I was very happy to come home and see her Sunday.

More on my trip tomorrow.


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