Southern Discomfort: draft done (#SFWApro)

Which is good. But then again, it’s done because it ended about 8,000 words sooner than the last draft. 78,000 which is a little short. But not so short I can’t make it up next time. Add sensory detail, clarify some scenes that I suspect are confusing, etc.

This draft is, I think, a huge improvement (and the scenes I’ve read to the writing group confirm this). Characters are stronger, confusing bits are clearer, and the challenge level for the characters is higher. The troubled parts where I move into the Hither Country still need the most work, but they’re better too.

On the downside, I think character suffers as things move to the climax. Of course with everything that’s going on, personal issues are going to take a backseat, but still, Maria feels too much Generic Character and not herself. I’m not sure how to fix that, but I want to. And I think I need to.

Joan on the other hand, is a lot better, with more to do and a stronger character arc.

I think I have a better handle of all the supporting-cast scenes. Fewer POV characters, less scenes where people just stand around chatting with no tension. And I think the people who need ending scenes will all get them.

Of course, I feel like focusing on all the things that are still wrong, but I shall not. It’s finished, it’s improved, I think I can get the next draft I want done by the end of the year (story and scenes complete, so there’s only a final edit and proofread to go). This is good.

I shall probably wait until August to start replotting and rethinking. That will give my mind some clarity and I’ll be able to look at it with at least slightly fresh eyes.

Whoot! To celebrate, here’s a Pissaro from the North Carolina Museum of Art. I love the impressionists.

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