Cover art for Thursday (#SFWApro)

So yesterday I took off from writing to Get Stuff Done. Bill paying, some items we need to order, contractors to be contacted (so far neither one called me back. Sigh), pet insurance to file, preparing my pension paperwork (the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation has take it over as Freedom News went belly up. Figured I’d better file before Republicans get rid of the PBGC). I got caught up on several such things that I’d fallen behind on. Plus I made rolls (using up the last of some buckwheat flour I’d bought) and pasta sauce (with pasta, but the sauce was the bigger deal). Oh, and I went to the dentist — one reason I picked today to goof off is that I always waste the first couple of writing hours after a doctor’s appointment.

So now I feel like goofing off, and not writing the deep, thoughtful blog post I’d planned for tomorrow so …

First an old paperback (60 cents. Sigh) by C. Gross.

Leo and Diane Dillon provide the cover for a great Clifford Simak novel

This one’s not great but it’s not bad. By Lou Feck.

And one by Paul Lahr. Love the cover, though the one John Boyd book I’ve read (Last Starship From Earth) was disappointing (though as my tastes have changed, perhaps I’d think otherwise now).

As always, all rights to the covers reside with the current holders.

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