Trump isn’t a hatemonger, everyone else is a hatemonger!

So conservatives freaked out over Kathy Griffin’s comedy photo in which she’s holding Trump’s severed head. OMG, the left say they oppose violence, but they’re encouraging it!

Then a theater company does Julius Caesar with a very Trumplike Caesar, and we get another freakout: OMG, Caesar is stabbed, they’re advocating violence against the president! At the link some rightbloggers fantasize about how if it happens, finally nobody can complain about us taking out liberals in revenge.

And Eric Trump whines that he’s never in his life seen such hatred. He doesn’t think liberals are even people, they’re so evil.

First off, I agree Griffin crossed a line. Although trying to hold her up as proof of “the left” as if we’re all answerable ā€” you know, the same way all Muslims have to apologize for whatever any Muslim extremist does ā€” is ridiculous.

That said, the right wing is full of shit on this. As The Hill points out, burning and hanging Obama in effigy was standard during his term in office. Ted Nugent called for his death, and Hilary Clinton’s. Sarah Palin had a shitfit because people suggested including Gabby Giffords in her rifle-sight ad might have sparked the guy who shot her. When they call for violence or death, it’s free speech (like the Portland slasher). When anyone else does it, it’s an insurrection against our government! This is not a matter of free speech for them, it’s a matter of STFU and don’t criticize us! It’s the victim card with them. Always.

And not only was Obama subjected to way more hostility than Trump, but it was based on nothing (well besides his being black and a Democrat and having the temerity to win the White House when Republicans didn’t want him in it). That he wasn’t born in the US. That he was the secret stalking horse for the UN cabal. Or ISIS. Or George Soros, the International Jewish Banker. Or that he was raising a black army to terrorize white America.

Trump? The hostility he gets is based on things he and his party are doing. Like trying to take away health care from millions of Americans. To deny nursing home patients the opportunity to sue over mistreatment. Or turning Eric Trump’s charity for children’s cancer research into a cash cow for The Donald. Whether Russia attempted to tamper with election machines. That intelligence officials in his administration simply refuse to answer questions from Congress. Lies about the coal industry. Or his education department not acting on loan forgiveness for students ripped off by some for-profit colleges.

Because while he’s completely incompetent as an autocrat, Trump has shown everyone how easily a determined person can break the system. Though of course, the willingness of right-wingers and many politicians on both sides to turn a blind eye to W’s use of torture, arbitrary detention and bad arguments for war already demonstrated that. Much as Republicans have long been the party of scaring us.

But other than all that yes, Trump has been more persecuted and suffered more than any human being since Jesus.


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4 responses to “Trump isn’t a hatemonger, everyone else is a hatemonger!

  1. I agree that Kathy Griffin went too far – have never connected with her humor to begin with.

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