Movies: from Whoville to Brooklyn to Idaho (#SFWApro)

Hanging out in Greenville last weekend, I wound up watching a different mix of films than usual—

To my surprise, HORTON HEARS A WHO (2008) works much better at movie length than How the Grinch Stole Christmas Did, probably because the story expands better — simply expand the campaign against Horton rather than giving him a backstory like the one the Grinch was stuck with (there’s also a lot of family stuff involving the mayor of Whoville). With Jim Carrey as Horton, Steve Carrell as the mayor and Carol Burnett as the evil kangaroo.“I’m sorry, but I’m going with Vlad.”

Irish miss Saoirse Ronan moves across the sea to BROOKLYN (2016) where she slowly finds her footing as a Real American, helped out by her kindly landlady (Julie Broadbent), priest Jim Broadbent and True Love with an Italian plumber. However the death of Ronan’s sister leaves their mum determined to bring her little girl home for company, forcing her to choose between old life and new. Low key, but very well executed. “But we hate the Irish!”

For this week’s Screen Rant article I rewatched IDAHO TRANSFER (1973) Peter Fonda’s hamfisted ecological time-travel drama in which a talentless cast jumps forward in time to rebuild civilization ony to wind up stuffed in the car trunks of future families instead. Really bad. “We could give the boys girls names and the girls boys’ names and nobody would know the difference.”

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