Never underestimate Republican determination to make people suffer. Or be shitbags

The House has passed a resolution replacing Obamacare with a worse program.

Among the lovely features are that insurers can charge higher rates to people with pre-existing conditions. There’s a pool of money set aside to help, but not enough. Oh, and large employers can choose which state’s rules for coverage (does employee insurance have to cover maternity benefits?) they follow, so if one state sets a really, really low bar, that could allow employers everywhere to adopt that standard. NC Rep. Robert Pittenger babbled about state’s rights before the vote (and if you don’t like the standards your state has, move!) but I’ll bet he ain’t complaining that the rule nullifies state’s rights (a state can set any requirements it wants. They won’t matter). And yet he’s a cut above Alabama Rep Mo Brooks, who says pre-existing conditions are people’s own fault, so why should healthy people subsidize them?

(Horrible sidepoint: women who suffer PTSD or STDs from rape sometimes lost their coverage because those things were pre-existing conditions. It could happen again.

And let’s not forget, Republicans had no intention of letting rules like higher prices for pre-existing conditions affect them — they had an exemption. Until they backed off after it was publicized and denied it ever happened. And as noted here, even Republicans who vote no are not off the hook for this.

More analysis and criticism of this moral disgrace.

The Republicans rushed this through so fast they don’t even have hard facts and figures. Which Sean Spicer has explained is because it’s just impossible to figure out what the effect will be until it passes. Um, no. Analysts did fine for the first version of the bill. Though I’m sure it’s way too hard for Spicer or President Shit-Gibbon to figure out.

I’m writing my senators and praying hard.

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