A sheriff, a Victorian damsel and a Harlem hero: Movies and TV (#SFWApro)

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF (1969) stars James Garner as a drifter (“Just so you understand, I’m on my way to Australia.”) who becomes the sheriff of a small gold-rush town struggling with local landowner Walter Brennan’s stranglehold on the community (the only way to ship anything in or out is over his property). This is more of a conventional Western than the sequel, Support Your Local Gunfighter — where Garner in the second film is just a conman, here he really is a supremely fast gun — but it’s still very funny. Both films make use of Harry Morgan, Henry Jones and Jack Elam (“He’s the town character.”), plus this one has Joan Hackett as a feisty hoyden and Bruce Dern as a gunslinging bully. Well worth catching.“It’s an Arizona trick, but I’ve seen it as far north as Montana.”
Much as I loved Mia Wasikowska’s Alice in Wonderland, ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (2016) wastes Wasikowska and my time. After life events take away everything Alice gained at the end of the first film, she’s called back to Wonderland where the Mad Hatter has gone completely mad due to his tragic backstory — can Alice go back in time and change things? I enjoyed the first film reworking Carroll, but this just has too little source material (and for obvious reasons, the time travel aspect was depressingly familiar) and way too much retconning — did we really need the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter to have a single determining incident explaining them? Wasikowka’s still great, but the film is sub-par.  “I need to find her immediately, but there’s no hurry.”
The first season of Netflix’s LUKE CAGE, as one critic said, is remarkable for how much it embraces it’s blackness: overwhelmingly black cast, references to black authors such as Chester Hymes [edited to get the name right], Harlem setting and more. The story has ex-con Cage (previously in Netflix’ Jessica Jones) reluctantly becoming Harlem’s hero in residence to stop a scheming politician, the crimelord Cottonmouth and the even more vicious Diamondback. I liked it all the way through, more than either of its predecessor series, but it seems a lot of people found it wearing out its welcome. So YMMV. “I don’t go past — I go through!”


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