Quiet birthdays (#SFWApro)

Mine was Saturday, and as usual, a quiet one. Which is not a complaint.

For a long time, due to the schedules of the people I hung with (and the fact one of them had a birthday two weeks earlier), I never actually celebrated on my birthday. It was always earlier. Over time, I’d grown to hate that. So being able to celebrate on the day, with my wife, is pretty cool for me. We snuggled, I chilled and read, chilled and watched a movie (we caught Logan Sunday) and went out to dinner at Sage, my favorite restaurant.

For my birthday gift, TYG got me exactly what I’d asked for: the test from ancestry.com to find out my genetic background. It just arrived in the mail, and I’m looking forward to it.

Next year, when I hit the big 6-0, I intend to do something bigger to mark the passage of time. But for 59? My birthday was good.

And while it has nothing to do with my birthday, here’s a cool book cover, based on the Westworld poster (all rights to image reside with current holder). The book isn’t a novel, just Crichton’s script for the film, which he wrote and directed.

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