Miscellaneous Links (#SFWApro)

Why corporations began relocating to the suburbs, and the effect it has.

•Soviet Russia’s occult research program. Having read Heather Pringle’s The Master Plan, which chronicles similar efforts by the Nazis (like discovering the secrets of the Aryan electrical weapon remembered in mythology as Thor’s hammer), I’m not surprised.

•Where did the idea of sequentially numbering comics come from? I’d always taken it as a given, but as the article points out, many magazines do fine without them.

•A look at a forgotten black cookbook author.

•Christian Science Monitor looks at the professionals who hunt for vulnerabilities in computer systems.

•New Dead Sea Scrolls discovered.

•Archeologists have found ancient Roman coins in Japan, suggesting the possibility of a trade connection.

•Stone-age crystal weapons.

•How they cleaned the sewers of Paris with giant balls.

•Historic firsts (escalators, cash registers, big box stores) in American retail. And here are some more first for online retail.

•And just for fun, some great Jack Kirby cover art. All rights reserved to current holder.


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