Paper and Pen: two weeks of organizing old school (#SFWApro)

So as I mentioned after buying my new computer, I found myself dissatisfied with the new Calendar app. I went out a week later and picked up a planner (I did try a couple of new apps, but none of them worked as well as iCal for me).  It turns out I’m not one of those people who desperately needs to kick it old school.

The planner is way better than Apple’s Reminder, and much easier to use than the other calendar/list making apps I tried. But still, I’m not going to carry it along with me when I move my computer from one room to another, which makes checking on my progress a little more awkward.

And also I just picked the wrong planner. Understandable, as I haven’t used one in what, six or seven years? This is a page-a-day planner, and I think a bigger one with a week per two pages would have suited me better. That way I can see all the tasks I have for the week without flipping any pages.

Come the end of 2017 I think I’ll take a much closer look at what planners are out there, see which will really suit me.

But I miss my iCal.

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