I bought a new computer! What happened next won’t shock anyone (#SFWApro)

So last month my Dad offered to send me money for a new computer. No dummy me, I accepted (and thanks, Dad!). And last weekend, after having perused the options, picked up a new MacBook Air. I gave thought to some of the newer MacBook Pro models, but they all felt heavier in the local Apple store — not a lot heavier, but I move around with my laptop so much, light weight is very important for me. So I stuck with the most recent version of the 13″ MacBook Air I already have.

Everything works much smoother of course (the touchpad on my old one was slowing down). It has way more storage and much more RAM (“It has eight of those things, my old computer has two!” was how I explained it to TYG, who as an IT professional convulsed into laughter). Saturday, I transferred everything over using Mac Assistant, then closed out the old computer and put her in the closet (not for long; read on). And then faced the inevitable transition problems:

•Apple stopped supporting Word so now I have to write in Pages. It’s a standard word-processing program, but I still have to save documents in Word to submit them and both times I’ve done it, something (headers, pagination, spacing) has been off. Maybe I just need to learn the trick, but it’s annoying; I had to turn on my old Word-supporting computer to double-check and then fix. This is actually what made me consider switching to Microsoft this time. I’m sure the switch makes business sense for Apple, but I get zero benefit and some inconvenience. The description of Pages shrieks about the awesome graphics and design, but that doesn’t do shit for me.

•I’d noticed when trying out the new Macs in the store that the Calendar app didn’t have a to-do list but figured I’d just have to look harder when I had my own. Nope, there is none. And that’s incredibly irritating because I liked having my schedules and to-dos in one program. Now To Dos are in Apple’s Reminder program, which doesn’t suit me.  Plus it ate them all after I closed it. I downloaded ToDoist, a free program that works better, but I think I may just get a good paper planner and transfer the old computer’s to-do list into that. Apple, ya blew it.

And then midweek I upgraded to Sierra (my machine was on the older system). Sierra wanted to move everything to iCloud (I didn’t) and when I opened my calendar it ate this week’s schedule transferring it To The Server.

Still, I’m overall very happy with her. But to mark my calendar woes, here’s a look at the Calendar Man, one of the typical gimmick villains of the 1950s Batman era. For some reason, he returned several times where other comparable gimmick thugs (Zodiac Master, the Gong, Mr. Hydro) vanished into deserved obscurity. Cover by Curt Swan, all rights remain with curren tholder.


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