Illogicon: Don’t be koi (#SFWApro)

So last weekend was Illogicon, the local SF convention. It’s small (around 300-400 people) but that has its own charms. I got to chat with Gail Z. Martin, whom I’ve met at previous cons, and with a few of the con-goers. Plus talking to friends from my writing group (Allegra Gullino, Michele Berger, Bill Ferris, Ada Milenkovic Brown) and one or two from outside the group.

There was some really good discussion about representation of minorities, time management, writing magic, but nothing that stood out enough to discuss (unless I have an epiphany later). So I’ll just give you some photos. All by me, please credit if you use.

illogicon-princeWe had to ask whether he was Prince or a character from Hamilton. It’s Prince (though way taller).

illogicon-dinoEven dinosaurs come up to the con suite for lunch. Seriously, the sweet potato chili, the brownies, the vegetarian curry, all delicious.

koiThe restaurant area has a koi pond. I don’t think this captures how huge some of the fish are, though.

illogicon-elfAnd here we have a cosplay outfit I liked.

When I did my reading of Wodehouse Murder Case, the staff videotaped it for the YouTube Illogicon channel. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s up.

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