A racist for attorney general, and other links

The New York Times gives a detailed look at the voting rights case that got Senator Jeff Sessions — Trump’s proposed attorney general — branded too racist to be a judge.

•Right-bloggers continue to insist that if Putin did help Trump win, it’s no big deal. But the black guys who assaulted the mentally handicapped guy in Chicago? Serious business. Which I would agree with — no way was that justified — but I think the conclusions that This Is the Face of Black Lives Matter and This Proves Segregationists Were Right are baloney. And as one blogger pointed out, the men have been caught and will probably be convicted, which is why the left isn’t making as big a crusade out of it as the Trayvon Martin killing or countless cop-shoots-black-guy cases where the perp got off.

•The right keeps trying to pretend that they object to Obamacare because it was a “back room deal” passed without Republican input or support. As noted at the link, it was a bill, handled like other bills and voted on by a majority of Congress — which makes it law whether or not Repubs in Congress support it.

•President Elect Shitgibbon’s cabinet nominees haven’t been background checked by Congress because they haven’t submitted financial information. Trump Chief of Staff Reince Preibus now says background checks are a waste of time: they’re all successful people, no big. Of course, that’s not what Sen. Majority leader Mitch McConnell used to think.

•Ransomware is now spreading to smart TVs.

•Another way to fight Trump: legal challenges from the states.

•A blog post looking at the role of sexism against Clinton (arguing, among other things, that a woman campaigning for high office raises hackles regardless of qualifications)

•It’s not news that Saddam didn’t have WMDs when we invaded back in 2003 and didn’t even have programs. Apparently his real interest was writing fiction.

•A look at one small town nostalgic for when Christianity was in charge, black people were quiet, and how they hope Trump will make America great again.

•Trump’s press secretary says we need to stop mocking the shit-gibbon and start giving him credit for his awesome accomplishments. Shakezula replies that he doesn’t have any.

•Republican history: President Johnson tried negotiating an end to the Vietnam War. Nixon undermined it.

•Jesus never read the Bible.

•An Afghan woman has convinced 6,000 imams to take gender-sensitivity training. That’s some good news.

•”Our job will be to be embody and protect all of those things most antithetical to authoritarianism, racism, misogyny, kleptocracy, an atmosphere of lies and indifference to science, fact and truth.” A more hopeful (though hardly naive) look at fighting back.

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