And out of the ice he came (#SFWApro)


(Above, Plush Dog discovers that his armies, like so many others that invaded Russia have fallen before General Winter).

I mentioned last Friday that we anticipated snow last weekend. And we got it. Up and down our street it seemed to range from two to six or seven inches.


(Our backyard, in black and white).


(A frozen water pipe and a snow-covered rain barrel)

Which meant I was confined at home with Plush and Trixie, as I couldn’t drive on our local roads (the bigger nearby ones were clear probably the first day, but that didn’t help). Saturday, that was actually kind of fun. We took long walks, and I marveled at how they loved romping in the snow, Plushie in particular (Trixie sometimes got a little frustrated trying to find somewhere to put her butt to the ground). And we had a play date with Trixie’s bestie Lily. A personal highlist was watching Plushie rush over to Lily’s family’s compost area, where he’s always trying to scarf food. Only this time, it was all under several inches of snow. He kept wandering off, then checking back to see if things had improved.

snow-lily(Lily, romping in snow)

Sunday, things were a lot less entertaining. TYG had been supposed to get back from her alumni event that afternoon, but the airport was closed. And where the previous day I’d been able to walk across the roads in our neighborhood, now the cars had removed or packed down the snow, leaving a dangerously slippery layer. So we were now confined to our block. I tried to make walkies as long as possible (despite the temperature Sunday being around 10 for much of the day), but I think the pups got pretty frustrated. Plus Plushie just loves playing out in the cold and the snow (“A stick! I shall sit here and chew it!”). Plus I think they missed their mommy, particularly in the evenings when she plays with them.


And then Monday, her substitute flight was canceled. And it was still very cold, and I still couldn’t get out.

Fortunately TYG returned Tuesday and everything looked brighter. The temperature also rose above freezing, and has stayed there, so the ice and snow have been slowly but steadily melting. Today it’s almost all gone, though the yard is impressively muddy.

And happily there’s no snow or ice forecast for this weekend, when I’m at Illogicon in Raleigh (details in the afternoon post).

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