Against the Trumpocalypse! Resistance suggestions

I haven’t speculated much about what a Trump presidency will be like, but I doubt it will be good for anyone. Not even the people who voted for him.  How bad will it be? Beats the hell out of me. We have the resurgent white supremacist movement, and probably massive setbacks for women’s rights (and black rights, gay rights, workers’ rights). Republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House, which will enable them to push their agenda, and their agenda has sucked for years. Tax cuts targeting the rich, huge deficits, voting suppression, deregulation of everything, repeal or easing up on anti-discrimination rules or investigating local cop-shootings nd appointing lots of conservative judges to cement their gains. Plus there’s the sheer utter narcissism and incompetence of our incoming president, Donald Shitgibbon. Plus he’s the worst kind of incompetent, the kind who doesn’t value competence, judging from his cabinet picks (in fairness, if the goal is to wreck the Department of Energy, Education, etc., or to be attorney general of the white race, then they may turn out very competent at that).

Likewise, I don’t know how much good opposing the Evil Empire will do, but I definitely think it’ll be worse if we don’t oppose it. So, here are some suggestions, most (but not all) focused on regular folks like us.

•Rather than simply reporting “Trump says he won the popular vote, others disagree,” reporters should say that he’s lying. This is less natural for journalists than you’d think, even when the facts are easy to verify (Slacktivist blogger Fred Clark, a former reporter, was once told that reporting a candidate was making false statements would be biased and unfair). Of course, individuals can fact-check too, but we have smaller reach and less effect.

•Here’s Lauren Duca of Teen Vogue, which has been speaking out on women’s issues in the Trump age, confronting interviewer Tucker Carlson (the guy who thinks women who pay for their date’s dinner are disgusting). She criticized Ivanka for putting a cool, attractive, female face on Trump’s sexist campaign; Carlson is shocked, shocked, shocked and claims Duca’s criticism means she’s down with Ivanka being yelled at on airplanes. As noted at the link, Duca squishes Carlson like a bug (the link includes the video), despite his insistence that as a Teen Vogue writer she’s beneath him.

•We Hunted the Mammoth says we push NBC to cut its ties with Trump, or simply make fun of him.

•Democratic senators can challenge Trump’s appointments — though I’m sure we’ll hear loud screams from the Republicans about how Democrats are obligated to approve anyone Trump puts forward, because this is totally unlike when they promised never to let Clinton appoint a Supreme Court judge if she were elected (and we have, Senator Mitch McConnell is shocked and appalled that Democrats are being obstructionist!).

•Two liberal former congressional staffers have written Indivisible, a guide to fighting against the Republicans by using Tea Party tactics (but without the racism and visceral hate). It’s a local approach: watch what your elected officials are voting on or supporting, let them know when you oppose it, and make your opposition public (Indivisible is worth reading for the greater detail of course). Focus on opposing any efforts to compromising with the Shitgibbon and his acolytes. I think this ties in with a suggestion of NC’s Reverend William Barber: realize that the same people who oppose black rights are opposing LGBT rights, are opposing abortion, are opposing worker rights. Build coalitions of opposition around them.

I will make the slight caveat that if the White House proposes anything good, we should support it and give credit. And that’s genuinely good, not “best we can get” or “better than nothing” or “we should compromise.” As someone observed, in a time like this it’s important to make moral choices and reject immoral ones.  For an example of not compromising with immorality, we have Dems in my state, North Carolina. In the recent special session that failed to repeal HB2 (which banned municipal nondiscrimination ordinances, among other things) the Republicans offered a compromise: a six-month ban on nondiscrimination ordinances with an option to renew to infinity. Realizing this wouldn’t change a thing, the Democrats refused to support it. Good move, chaps!

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