Covers I like (#SFWApro)

Saturday we had the writers’ group Christmas party, and I’m not completely back up to snuff. So here are some covers to make a post. First a weirdly psychedelic one from Kelly Freas. As you can tell from the yellow block, only the seventh novel out from DAW books.

dailybAnother Kelly Freas for DAW. #82 this time. Striking, though heavy on the eye-candy aspect (see the pretty girl helpless before the male gaze!).

freasArtist unknown. I quite like this one, and it captures the odd feel of the book well.


And now a couple of comics covers. First a creepy one by Neal Adams

detective408Then a monster cover by Dick Dillin, who did a lot of DC’s better monster covers in the Silver Age.

housemystery139All rights to all covers and images reside with current holders. I should be back to posts with more words tomorrow.

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