Floating on the surface rather than anchored down (#SFWApro)

Which is to say my brain is still tired from the week’s work, but it’s just normal tired rather than the utter exhaustion I was feeling midweek. So no book reviews today unless I get lively and post later.

Normally I have my blog posts written well in advance but the demands of proofing and indexing made that impossible this month. I’d figured on catching up Saturday, but I caught up on everything else instead:

•Making chocolate chip scones for a party.

•Sending out a couple more invites to our writers’ group Christmas party (I want to make sure everyone at least knows so nobody thinks they’ve been slighted). And posting directions for everyone.

•Buying pet food.

•Shopping for some Christmas gifts for TYG.

•Wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree.

•Watching some Christmassy stuff (of course).

•Playing with dogs.

Plus my brain was still pretty wiped from the week’s work. But like the title says, I feel mo

As compensation, here’s a cover by Patrick Woodruffe to see. He did a lot of work on Michael Moorcock covers during the 1970s—other stuff as well, but Moorcock’s where I know him best from.


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