First November, then December: goals under pressure (#SFWApro)

November was another low month for goals accomplished, with 50 percent of my goals done. But I don’t feel too bad, as the main reason was having to finish Now and Then We Time Travel. That outweighed all the short stories or outlines I was working on, and I definitely couldn’t do both. And being pretty wiped the first week I worked on it made me miss a few personal goals as well.


For December, I have less than twenty goals, which is unusual for me. But I’m still working on proofing and indexing the book. After that I want to finish Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast and go over the critique materials on Southern Discomfort. Plus pick goals for next year. That should be more than enough, and I’m scaling down the personal goals too. Who knows, maybe this is the month I get 100 percent of my goals done!

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