I can’t seem to quit Trump

Because there’s so much shit to say about our dirtbag president-elect. This is only a fraction.

•Once again, the anger of Trump supporters is about loss of privilege more than economics.

•80 percent of white evangelicals supported Trump (my last And column discussed and dissected one reason) Jamelle Bouie says that given Trump openly broadcast his white-supremacist side before the election, his voters deserve to be criticized. One blogger says the problem isn’t disdain from elites, it’s that rural American fundamentalism doesn’t allow for any different viewpoints.

•John Scalzi discusses how the Democrats should operate during the Trump presidency. LGM worries that given the Democratic impulse is to make the government works they will cooperate too easily.

•Despite saying gay marriage is settled law, Trump has a long history of opposing it. Ted Cruz has already promised to address the gay marriage crisis — the crisis, in his eyes, being that gays have the legal right to marry.

•Trump adviser Steve Bannon states (inaccurately) that most of Silicon Valley is run by Asians and that’s bad. CNN says we should be afraid of Bannon’s racism. Trump would like us to believe he’s normal, if not better than normal. His conduct as president-elect is not normal. Echidne adds more. More from slacktivist.

•Breitbart.com would like you to know it’s totally everyone who criticizes them who’s the real racists. Digby points out that even as winners, the Trump voters are violent and angry, and suggests they’ll stay that way until we roll over and agree with them.

•LGM looks at Trump University settling for $25 million over charges it swindled people, and imagines what a front-page scandal it would have been if it had been the Clinton University.

•Mike Pence gets a courteous rebuke from the cast of Hamilton. Unsurprisingly the right-wing goes ballistic, again. FAIR points out that the cast reflects a majority opinion of the unpopular president-elect.

•A federal judge tells new citizens if they don’t like Trump for president, they should go to another country.

•Women in the military worry Trump will sideline them.

•Mitt Romney was a strong never-Trumper, until Trump offered him a cabinet post.

•A group founded by Trump’s education secretary, Betsy DeVos (heir to the Amway fortune) thinks we should bring back child labor.

•One more incident of harassment of Muslims. Though a Trump booster has assured me every one of them is made up, so there you are.

•Unfortunately we can’t ignore the white supremacists out of existence. David Neiwert looks at the line between publicizing them and covering them.

•Two Jewish writers, Liel Liebovitz and Masha Gessen, look at the moral options and choices we have to make. Among their points: accept Trump will do every hateful thing he says. Analysis of the situation is not as important as acting. And as we have no way to know what policy — cooperation or resistance — will work best, we should look at what’s the most moral, not the most realistic.

•At the state level, here’s another example of fighting dirty. My state’s governor, Pat McCrory, lost the election (it seems pretty clear now) but he’s contesting every vote — which could throw the election to the Republican-dominated North Carolina Congress to decide. Hmm, who do you think they’ll pick?

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