Necessary, but not entertaining (#SFWApro)

51-zssisf7l-_sx348_bo1204203200_So as I mentioned on Tuesday, the proofs for my time-travel book (all rights to cover and cover image remain with current holders) are now here. So until they are proofed, and then indexed, they rule my writing life.

It’s been slow going. I’m reading every line, checking every entry, so that typos get caught and any errors in the credits — names, dates of movies, spelling of actors’ names, etc. — gets fixed. It’s particularly tough because sources can make mistakes. Several movies have multiple different release years, depending which website or book I’m looking at (when in doubt, I go with a reliable print source such as Leonard Maltin’s movie guides). If I spell a name wrong (when compared to IMDB or Turner Classic Movies’ websites) I have to check whether I’m wrong or they are. For example one site lists Chad Everett’s military officer in Official Denial as “Spaulding” but the credits give the name as “Spalding,” which is what I have. And what’s on the screen is always the deciding factor.

And there are lots of places where the phrasing is not as smooth as I thought. I’d planned to polish everything up in the last couple of months, but guess what? With all the movies, TV series and last-minute oops-didn’t-know-about-that entries, I didn’t polish as much as I’d anticipated. C’est la vie.

On the plus side, I did find one obscure film, 50,000 BC (Before Clothes) on YouTube, and I think I’ll be able to work it into the book after all.

And my short story The Savage Year sold to Lorelei Signal, to come out in a couple of months.

Oh, and Thanksgiving was great. I spent the morning reading, then at noon TYG and I went to Cafe Parizade, which hosts the largest vegan Thanksgiving in the South. The food is invariably awesome and we came home quite stuffed. On the downside, the vegetarian society that organizes it was using a different booking system this year, which resulted in us sitting at a table by ourselves, rather than with friends. It was still fun, but not quite as much fun.

Then we came home, TYG took a nap, and I watched some movies.

I’d originally planned to take today off, but with the proofs in, that wasn’t an option. But I had a solid night of sleep and work on the book is going well. If only there wasn’t so much to come … Yes, I know, first world problems.

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