Jeez, I No Sooner Finished Last Thursday’s Election Post—

Which you may remember included a discussion of media focusing on crap like Clinton’s emails and not on Trump’s many messes. And lo and behold, The Hill decides to run a story on how Africans love Trump (if you overlook several really big nations). Meanwhile, the FBI supposedly claims a Clinton indictment is on the way, even though prosecutors have already said no (more from LGM). And bizarrely, it appears the Florida GOP is trying to fool Latino voters by claiming one Dem candidate is a Trumpite.

•It’s no surprise the Republican establishment did not reject Trump. And they’re already talking about impeaching Clinton. No surprise, again, given their stated goal in 2009 was to make Barack Obama “a one-term president.” And yet four years of Republicans being sullen attack dogs is still preferable to what Trump would let them do

•Automatic registration to vote insults the civil rights movement, according to the Alabama election chief.

•Someone burns a black church and leaves a vote Trump message. An illegal vote Trump sign at one polling place was booby-trapped with razors. And a Trump-supporting, pro-confederate Illinois man has killed two cops.

Pakistan wants to deport Afghan refugees, including the woman from that famous refugee photograph.

•In the wake of the coup, Turkish security forces resort to torture.

•Hundreds have died in Syria from ISIS-planted mines set to kill civilians.

•Some people did go to jail after the Malheur Refuge incident. At Hullabaloo, a blogger points out the government handled it much better than Waco or Ruby Ridge.

•The FCC is looking at rules to override mandatory arbitration clauses in broadband contracts, and restricting what ISPs can do with your private information. Providers are talking lawsuits, just as they like to sue over Google fiber. Can’t blame them, after all — just look how much AT&T makes selling personal data to police.

•Twenty-three lawmakers have asked how the Department of Justice wants to use its proposed new power to hack computers remotely. Other senators are worried about the power that would accrue after a proposed merger of AT&T and Time Warner.

•On a related topic, should police need a warrant to obtain your cellphone location data? My response would be yes!

•In contrast to Megan McArdle calling on the media to hire more conservatives, Phillip Longman has a different solution to restoring the right-wing’s luster: break corporate monopolies.

•A judge rules that George Washington has no worthwhile insights on biometric data collection.

•A company claims it has the legal ownership of the process for notifying customers when their package ships.

•Facebook allows advertisers to target Facebook users based on ethnic affinity. Which the company insists has nothing to do with race.

•AT&T is trying a variety of legal approaches to keep Google Fiber out of Nashville. The FCC has told the court that contrary to AT&T, FCC rules are not an obstacle to Google.

•A Chipotle manager says he was fired for refusing to cheat employees.

•McDonalds is paying nearly $4 million to settle labor violations against one of its franchisees. Although the federal government has ruled McDonalds is liable for franchisee labor violations, the corporation still contests that view.

•AirBnB’s new polices say people renting out property through the site can’t discriminate. Right-winger Rod Dreher feels oppressed.

•More charges that Amazon cheats its delivery drivers.

•Just remember this election really is important. So vote!

But to end on a cheerful note, a goofy looking monster, cover by Marie Severin. All rights with current holder. For the record, she was working with the interior art, which is a lot goofier (though done by talented Reed Crandall)


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