Was I only half a man last month? (#SFWApro)

greenlantern29No, of course not. But due to my unsuccessful effort to finish Southern Discomforts, I let most of my other writing goals slide. As a result, I hit 50 percent of my goals, the lowest percentage this year (cover by Gil Kane, all rights to current holder)

I did get a lot done. Working on Martinis, Girls and Guns, the 60,000 words of Southern Discomforts, resubmitting Questionable Minds, finalizing A Famine Where Abundance Lies (subject to writing-group review—but if I saw a good market, I’d send it off today), holding a writer’s day and submitting to a new column market besides And.

I didn’t get very far working on Oh the Places You’ll Go or Good Morning Starshine, only submitted one And column and didn’t quite make 40 hours a week (on the very last work day of the month, we had some schedule problems).

Lots of the little stuff — meditation, breathing exercises, voice exercises — fell afoul either of my adjusted time-management plan or from Trixie coming down in the morning when I get up and distracting me (I thought she was off that kick, but I was wrong). I’m beginning to think I must have taken a lot more breaks than I realized or accounted for under my old approach, so I guess in a way that part is a good thing.

Disappointing overall. But the work I did do I’m certainly pleased with.

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