Digital-age problems (and other links)

Wired says automated Twitter-bots can be used to run a digital astroturf campaign, creating the illusion there are thousands of people on Twitter venting about something. Brian Krebs shows (based on personal experience how) hackers can take down online journalists using unprotected routers, DVRs or Internet of Things devices to generate a massive denial of service attack. As it becomes easier, Krebs suggests, it may be easier to suppress Internet speech than to censor stuff in hard copy.

•Trump claims we should get rid of the FDA. And he’s embraced anti-abortion talking points.

•No sooner did I make my post about Trump and women, than I found right-winger Roger Simon explaining Trump reveres women, which is why he’s so obsessed with their looks. And many other right-wingers are explaining that despite his sexism and his losing a billion dollars in a single year of business,  President Trump’s a sure thing. And to make sure, Trump wants his voters to watch the polls for Suspicious Voting (I’m guessing that means non-white people).

•I’ve pointed out before that sexist attacks on conservatives are as unjustifiable and sexist as attacks on liberals. Apparently pundit Maureen Dowd didn’t listen as her attack on Trump is that he’s as mean as — a tween girl! But Hilary Clinton’s mean too, so … I’ve no idea.

•Doctors are still too eager to prescribe antibiotics, even as more bacteria become immune. Many restaurants aren’t concerned about antibiotic-free food either.

•Reporter criticizes Trump’s marital history. Mike Krawitz, a New Jersey township committee candidate, says he hopes she gets raped.

•David Brooks, who strongly believes in a top-down system of morality imposed by our betters, is unsurprisingly outraged that a football player wouldn’t stand for the National anthem. Doesn’t the fool realize that if he does things like this, people will stop supporting civil rights?

•David French discovers when he talks at conservative events, the millennials in attendance are conservative! So he takes back everything he said about how millennials suck, because that only applied when they were liberals.

•The current eight-person Supreme Court split 4-4 on hearing North Carolina’s appeal of a judge’s ruling against the NC racist voting law. The right to vote survives, for now.

•People who toss around “social justice warrior” as an insult aren’t being ironic, they don’t like social justice. At least not the type that involves rights of gays, women and minorities.

•Another potential case of robots replacing human workers?

•Donald Trump campaign member Sid Miller thinks the Civil War was about the Confederacy fighting for free speech. Which makes even less sense than most pro-CSA arguments, seeing how parts of the South actively banned abolitionist literature and speeches (one of my And columns discusses this).

•Pundit Damon Linker is shocked liberals would consider Trump voters to be racist just because they have a natural preference for their own kind. Slacktivist dissects his argument.

•Slacktivist also explains why “Democratic senator Robert Byrd was a Klansman” is not an answer to criticism of current Republican racism. For one thing, Byrd actually changed and stepped away from his bigotry.

•Right-wing law professor Glenn Reynolds suggests that the solution to protesters blocking freeways in Charlotte NC is to run them over.

•Nashville has adopted a law to let Google fiber hang its wires from telephone poles. AT&T sues to stop the competition.

•A firmware update to HP printers makes them reject third-party cartridges (which are cheaper).

•Another company hikes a prescription product’s cost through the roof (while insisting it’s all the fault of third parties).

•Allowing in the military will lead to hate crimes against straights, and other bullshit predictions from the recent past.

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