I am a work in progress (#SFWApro)

But as far as budgeting my time goes, I’m progressing nicely. My new approach to time management continues working well. I’m staying focused during my reading periods, and I can adapt to when the pups suddenly decide they need scritching NOW DADDY NOW!!!! It still doesn’t make it any easier to stop work, get up and stretch, but I manage occasionally (not enough, but that’s been a problem for a while)

Trixie’s recent insistence on coming down in the morning to sit with me (instead of staying up with TYG in the bedroom) isn’t helping, however. Having her snuggling next to me make it very easy to just give in to my impulses and prolong the morning before the start of work. That’s not productive (I imagine you know that). As it seems to be sinking in that as I don’t just sit on the couch and let her snuggle (I have yoga, breakfast to make, tea to make, etc.), she might be better off back up with TYG. Yesterday morning, she spent most of her time sitting outside the bedroom door hoping to be let in (I would have done so, but I didn’t want to wake my spouse). This morning she slept upstairs while I got up, as usual.

Surprisingly, the day the dogs are in day care is usually the worst for my new schedule. It used to be I’d block the day out rigidly so I’d get the maximum amount done at work, and in all the nonwriting stuff (contractors, vacuuming) I’d prefer to do without the dogs. Without the blocking, there seems to be a lot of time creep where the nonwriting just sucks up exceptional amounts of time. But the puppies absence still allows me to focus better.

A problem I haven’t found a fix for is a way to mark off the evening when I’m off work. I spend all day sitting in the living room with the puppies; I spend the evening sitting with puppies and TYG. My brain seems to feel that I’m still at work which makes it harder to relax (it’s noticeably easier Thursdays, when I’m upstairs in my own office most of the day).  I haven’t figured out how to work around this (with TYG home going upstairs by myself doesn’t appeal at all). But yes, first-world problems.

trixie-pony(Trixie in a friend’s yard. As you can see, she’s quite the shaggy little pony. All rights to photo reside with me, please credit if you use it).

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