I Love Gervasio Gallardo covers (#SFWApro)

As I used up my review material yesterday, here’s a cover-art post. Gervasio Gallardo was one of the talented artists who worked on the Ballantine Adult Fantasy line of paperbacks. I love his work, for example the cover for George MacDonald’s Lilith.


Or the spectacular sinking-of-Atlantis cover of Poseidonis.


Or bringing the pretty for William Morris’ Water of the Wondrous Isles.

Wondrous+postFor horror we have several Lovecraft covers such as this one here (though technically the stories are Derleth mimicking Lovecraft).

gallardo-survivor-1971And for a more fantastical mood, there’s Lovecraft’s Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.


As Clark Ashton Smith’s Xiccarph is a more alien setting than Poseidonis, a somewhat weirder, more alien cover.

tumblr_lxbspnwlSY1qhtuebo1_500This post has no purpose other than to say how much I love Gallardo’s art and to show you why. All rights to all images reside with current holder.


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3 responses to “I Love Gervasio Gallardo covers (#SFWApro)

  1. fletchav

    for someone to do covers as lovely and strange as these today – it’d make me very happy

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