No, Paul Krugman didn’t create Trump either

In the latest variation of the “liberals created Trump” argument, the Daily Beast’s Karol Markowicz argues that the reason voters don’t care about Trump’s flaws is that liberals such as Paul Krugman were too mean to Mitt Romney. Krugman and other pundits said Romney was unfit to be president, sexist, had a bullshit economic plan—and they keep saying things like that about lots of other Republicans! So naturally nobody took them seriously when they criticized Trump—they’d cried wolf too often.

Only I don’t see it as crying wolf. Romney was sexist, his economic plan was bullshit. The reason pundits made charges like that pre-Trump isn’t because they’re unfairly biased against Republicans, it’s because Donald Trump isn’t outside the Republican norm. He’s just a little more open embracing white male supremacy.

And of course, as Digby notes at the link, conservatives have been crying wolf for years. Endless talk about Bill Clinton murdering people, being the most corrupt administration in history (Reagan’s was actually worse). Claims that atheist secularists want to impose sharia on America. Liberals reject a fixed morality which destroys America. Feminists want to destroy families and ruined television. Obama is setting blacks to attack white people.

As proof of a double standard, Markowicz holds up Obama attending Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years — why don’t liberals find him unacceptable and crazy? Hmm, maybe because we don’t assume those sum up his view of religion? And that Wright’s preaching doesn’t equate to Obama’s views automatically? I don’t recall the mainstream media making a comparable fuss about Sarah Palin’s husband belonging to an Alaskan secessionist group, or Ted Cruz’s father calling for Christian dominion over business, government, the media (I can just see the reaction of Wright had said exactly the same thing).

And even if liberals had cried wolf about all previous Republican candidates, so? It’s not like Trump hasn’t made his sexism and bigotry clear, yet Republicans are still on his team, trying to keep their distance while agreeing with him. Or opposing Trump while voting for him. I don’t see any of them in some alternative timeline saying “Well liberals were very fair in analyzing Romney—maybe we should back off Trump.” But unlike Markowicz, even my alternate timelines ahve some tie to reality.

In other news:

•David French freaks out at National Review because modern boys don’t have the grip strength his generation did. Clearly men are becoming weaker because they don’t work on cars and don’t get bullied in school.

•Religious conservative Tony Perkins claims floods and fire are God’s wrath on homosexuals. Except his being caught in the Louisiana floods is proof God loves him.

•Can a company making web-snooping software be liable when people use it? In this case (a husband tracking his wife’s online activity) the court says possibly.

•Minnesota has charged a company called CashCall with faking tribal affiliations to get around lending regulations.

•The Justice Department has announced it will phase out its contracts with private prisons. Unfortunately women in local jails still suffer in a system designed more for men. And some prosecutors jail rape and domestic violence victims to make them testify.

•My current state of residence, North Carolina, protests that striking down its voting-prevention—er, voter ID law—could threaten similar laws everywhere! My response: good thing!

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