Black lives matter, terrorism, Clinton’s email and more!

Now here’s a way to resolve any issues with the Philandro Castile shooting: claim it was a false flag staged by Black Lives Matter. Roy Edroso notes some right-wingers are taking things more seriously, but far from all—case in point, Joe Walsh declaring this is war, watch out Black Lives Matter. But don’t worry, Walsh assures us he didn’t mean it. And Edroso points out even the right-wingers who want police accountability try to duck talking about race.

•Some law-school students wrote to a professor and said he was racist for wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. His response at the link is awesome (Premise: You are not paying for my opinion. Critique: you are not paying me to pretend I don’t have one).

•The Dallas police took down the alleged shooter with a robot-delivered bomb. Given the history of police in recent years adopting any tactic that avoids putting them at risk, I am uneasily wondering if this will become common.

•Police often get legal rights better than ordinary suspects—for example, Louisiana gives them 30 days before an internal investigation into alleged wrongdoing can begin.

•Slacktivist asks if carrying guns doesn’t undermine police authority—because when you pack a gun,

•I’ve long been critical of the far-right Oath Keeper groups, but I’ll give one member credit for trying to support Ferguson’s black residents.

•We’ve seen multiple recent terror attacks within the Islamic world. So some Muslims are asking where’s the sympathy people showed Paris?

•A Hispanic realtor discovers how much hate can be lurking under the surface of a nice community. I’ve noticed the same thing on some of my past day jobs, where I’d occasionally overhear customers saying bigoted crap about people.

•Just to look at another nation’s messes, here’s Human Rights Watch on the North Korean caste system.

•So the FBI decides there’s no grounds for criminal charges against Clinton over her email misuse (as noted at the link, her behavior deserves criticism, but the right-wing freakout over it is overblown). The response from some right-wingers on FB is to focus on Comey’s added statement that “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue the case—aha, he’s actually saying that no prosecutor would dare go after her even though she’s stone-cold guilty! Meanwhile conservative pundits and bloggers keep dreaming of a silver-bullet scandal that will expose Clinton as the murdering evil fiend they think she is.

•The antibiotic-invulnerable superbug has popped up in the US again.

•Speaking of disease, the Republicans have tried using the bill on the Zinka virus to restore Confederate flags to federal cemeteries.

•The Senate has passed a bill that would block a Vermont law on GMO labeling.

•Here’s how one pharma company is blocking competitors from creating a cheaper generic.

•The FCC has proposed people other than your cable company be able to provide you with set-top boxes. Comcast freaks out. And the company’s use of data caps is spreading.

•New challenges for farmers’ markets include services that deliver organic produce to your door and food stands setting up at the market to sell meals to customers (apparently this cuts into the farmers’ produce sales)


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  2. I almost never reblog anyone, but I’ve marked yours to follow, so I’ll probably link to your posts down the road.

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