A short week, but I knew that going in (#SFWApro)

For starters, of course, we got back home a little after 10 pm on Monday from our Mensa trip (that hadn’t been the plan but the airline kept changing our flights). And by the time we unpacked, did laundry and made Kongs to freeze for the dogs (rubber toys designed to hold food. Keeps them occupied longer than putting it on a plate), it was midnight. So I got about 4.5 hours sleep—necessary to get up, stretch, exercise and still be at the vet the moment they opened to collect our dogs.

I hadn’t planned to do much Tuesday after we picked up the pups, but I actually got less done than expected. I’d planned to do some research reading for Southern Discomfort, for instance, but between understandably needy dogs and the need for a lot of naps, it didn’t happen (I finally got to it today, though). The time shift from Pacific back to Eastern time (three hours) continued to disrupt my sleep for the next couple of days.

So not a wildly productive week, but like I said, I’d anticipated that. I did watch the next Bond film, Goldfinger; wrote 5,000 words more on Southern Discomfort plus touching up the first 6,000 words; and cleaned the inside of the refrigerator (it’s necessary to do it every so often, but a thorough job requires about 30 minutes to an hour). Plus trying to give the dogs some extra affection. Though they were happy to go to day care Thursday, which made it a little easier to focus.

Oh, and while I was away, three shorts came back. They’ll go out again soon, of course.

So nothing much writing-wise to write about, but I will mention I’m quite pleased with how I managed our food supply before/after the trip. I hate wasting food or throwing it away (too many years of tight food budgets to do that casually), so I calculate very carefully to use up everything in the fridge that might spoil while we’re gone. And then I also have to plan so that there’s enough for us to eat when we get home, even though I won’t have time for any elaborate cooking. This week I made a major pot of chili. On top of that, I have bread frozen so I can make myself cashew butter/jelly sandwiches, then fill out the remaining meals with instant Indian or smoothies (yogurt, frozen blueberries). So I handled it well. Plus I didn’t simply flake off, give up and stop working when I realized I wasn’t going to get much done, as I’ve sometimes done in the past.

trixie foot

And to finish up on a happy note, here’s little Trixie, snuggling against my foot as I work. For all the effort it sometimes takes to care for them (the vacation in San Diego was a very welcome break) it’s really very nice to have them with us again.

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