Megan McArdle, Donald Trump and other reprehensible people

Megan McArdle has a new theory on how to suss out the truth of global warming: which side has the superior tone? Which segues into her perennial complaint that just because she’s wrong about something, it’s mean to say so.

•Donald Trump’s Trump University is being sued on charges it didn’t teach real-estate skills, it just ripped students off (more here). Trump’s response: the judge in the case is biased because he’s Mexican! And that the very fact he’s ruled against Trump proves he’s unfair! Which as Scott Lemieux notes, isn’t Trump being stupid, it’s shrewd political strategy. More here.

•While for-profit colleges often advertise themselves as a way to get valuable skills and earn more money, students are likely to end up financially worse off. The big issue seems to be that most students don’t graduate (this is built into the for-profit plan, I’ve read elsewhere—it saves the college having to provide teaching and grading for everyone), so they get debt but nothing else.

•One of the odder ways conservatives can rally against Trump: recruit right-wing pundit David French as a third-party candidate. I’ve written about the odiously sexist French before, but the material at the link should fill you in if you’ve never heard of him.

White supremacists, on the other hand, are delighted with Trump’s success.

•Lesson plans financed by corporations unsurprisingly promote corporate products.

•Many nonprofit hospitals have programs cutting medical bills for poor patients. But some hospitals sue them for full price instead. And some drug companies that hike prices on drugs also pay charities to cover the co-pay, and then let Medicare (and thereby taxpayers) pick up the rest.

•Arguments that white women should be made to have more babies are common in American right-wing politics. Apparently Turkey has its own variation on the theme.

•The clothing industry still exploits third-world workers.

•When the FBI wants information about emails, the law limits what they can ask for without a warrant. But the FBI keeps demanding more — which Director James Comey justifies as the law clearly being written wrong. In short, what the FBI has always done.

•Hissene Habre, former president of Chad, is way beyond “reprehensible” — he sanctioned torture, ethnic cleansing, sexual slavery (to provide his army with women) and is a rapist himself. He’s been found guilty on multiple charges.


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